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Radio Control System for Derrick Digger


Provide a radio system for a combination digger and aerial device with a tracked carrier that is used in narrow right-of-ways, and remote locations. This machine has been designed to fit through 32-inch gates and move to work sites. The mini digger derrick is controlled by a fully proportional hydraulic system for travel and functional operations. Position, rotation, and load sensors are used to provide the necessary feedback to the master controller and operator for safe machine use.



The Magnetek Enrange MLTX bellybox transmitter is included in the system and offers precise proportional control utilizing IP66 rated joysticks and levers. The case is a durable fiberglass reinforced polymer designed for rugged use and durability.

The CAN 6 receiver is suitable for CAN-Bus communication. This application uses J1939 commands to actuate the hydraulic valves. With options for analog or digital outputs, this receiver is a compact, user friendly device that is great for most applications.

The controller is used to monitor the load moment, or LMI, to prevent the operator from putting the crane in an overload condition. This reduces risk and drastically improves safety.

The result of this system is a smooth, efficient engineered system that gives the operator a sense of confidence while operating the digger.

PRC provides CAN-Bus capable radio systems for derrick digger applications.


Derrick Digger Radio System


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