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Proportional Transmitter for Mobile Telescoping Crane


The challenge for this application was to provide a wireless control system to accommodate numerous mobile hydraulic truck sizes. Our goal was to reduce installation time and cost of a wireless control system and increase mobile hydraulic crane efficiency and safety.



The old control system required an operator to use two hands to depress a proportional trigger and an on/off thumb trigger control that offered primarily single function control. Magnetek was able to provide an 8 or 12 button fully proportional transmitter, allowing the truck mounted cranes to handle a variety of lifting requirements with precision. These was ideal for service technicians making them more efficient and reduced damage to parts being lifted.
The new system is comprised of three major components:

  1. The hydraulic system
  2. The Enrange Flex Pro hand-held transmitter
  3. The Enrange MHR – a controller, receiver and display all in one

The MHR is used to control the load moment, or LMI, to prevent the operator from putting the crane in an overload condition. This reduces risk and drastically improves safety.

PRC Radios provides proportional transmitters for mobile telescoping cranes.


Proportional Radio for Mobile Crane


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